Jon-David Jorgensen – 435-512-4071 –

Clair Ellis – 435-757-7797 –

Rick Mayer – 801-913-5566 –

Shawn Milne – 801-514-4444 –

State Roster   Attendance & Votes

Cache State Central Committee

Clair, John David, Shawn and Rick wish to thank your for your confidence in us by voting for us as your State Central Committee representatives for Cache County.

We pledge to keep you informed and up to date on events as they happen. 
Contact any of us at any time for your concerns.

We will Honor your Vote for us by doing the job!

In addition, we will help Republican Candidates throughout the State.
We are bringing a LOT to the table.

The 2024 election cycle will be a barn burner and the Democrats will be pulling out all the stops.
They are Very organized.
They are better funded.
They receive $Thousands in Out of State Money.
They  know How to Cheat.
They have the Press.
They have Hollywood.

But WE now have an Ace up or Sleeve.

We need to Tell the Story!

Bad mouthing any party never  works.

We need to face the facts.
Democrats are better funded and they have the Press.

This website is just an example what what I am doing and will continue to do for the party.
It's also on the new party website you will be seeing soon.

We need to be ProActive in our message.

We need to use VIDEO to convey our message.

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